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Amanda Archibald

Amanda Archibald - Owner of Peaceful Valley Resort, Sharp Designs, Inc., 1 star Silver Manager with Isagenix

When Amanda Archibald first began working with Kimberley Borgens, she needed help getting rid of a huge debt load in a short amount of time. Fiercely protective of her family’s future, she found the guidance and accountability she needed in Kimberley and was able to pay off $60,000 over the next 10 weeks. Less than 6 months later, her husband left her. Because of the hard work she had done before with Kimberley, Amanda had the confidence, clarity, and ability to take on this new life challenge as a single parent and the big bills that came with it. Years later, the systems and skills Kimberley taught her to continue to profoundly impact her life and give her the ability to take charge of her own destiny.

“Kimberley has been in my life and coached me since 2007. With Kimberley’s help, I was able to pay off $60,000 of debt in just ten weeks! Think of all the things you need in order to successfully accomplish what you say you want. She is an expert at asking the right questions and then set up a game plan with the best accountability for you. Over the years, just one conversation with her gets me fired up to take on my next goal with fierceness. I highly suggest requesting her into your life. Stop talking about what you wish you had and go for the big pipe dreams. If you need ideas on eliminating debt, fundraising or personal relationship flourishing, she is the one to coach you.”