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Coach, Consultant or Mentor, Which are you?The Business of CoachingThere are so many coaches in the world today.  When I started business coaching back in 2003 there were not ......

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Prevent Small Business BurnoutEntrepreneurs often have a hard time balancing their work hours and can often create business burnout. You work when you can. Doing everything you can ......

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Hard Choices Must Be Made Even During Holiday’s!I made the choice to take the pay out of their paychecks for the stolen wages, I then gave them both ......

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Be Frugal But Know What You Are Willing To TolerateAs a single mom on welfare, found myself buying things based on the cheapest price. If I did not ......

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Don’t Be Your Own FoolApril Fools Day!  The day we are given permission to act like a fool and be foolish with others.  I am fond of this ......

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What Do You See? The Hidden Gems In Others…The Story of Clay BallsA man was exploring caves by the seashore. In one of the caves he found a ......

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Janet Henze

Business & Personal Development Coach

Kimberley and I had worked together for several years at another company so I knew her talent, her work ethic, her expertise and her results with her businesses and I had already hired her as a business coach so I was impressed with her coaching skills. I was excited about the opportunity she presented to me to gain my coaching certification. One major lesson I learned is that I am a Perfectionist!! I’ve been told that and teased about it but I never really realized it until she taught a lesson on perfectionism. It really sunk in that I have been living life as a perfectionist thinking I was pursuing excellence. Ouch, that one hurt! Personally, Kimberley helped me get a handle on some behaviors that clearly weren’t working; like never getting started on my fitness program because I may not do it perfectly. In my coaching with clients, it has been a relief to see how much pressure I was putting on myself and my clients to get it right. As perfectionist, I always took things personally. So wow…what a lesson! What a damaging cycle I uncovered thanks to my training with Kimberley.

Hi! I'm Kimberely Borgens

The Master of "The Hive". A community of Queen Bees that are ready to create a plan, take decisive action, and build a business that allows them the lifestyle they want and deserve!

I know what it's like to hire a coach that promises the world, yet after spending thousands of dollars and countless hours learn that they had no interest in what I wanted. They had their own agenda - and it didn't align with my vision.

I want you to know I am here help you develop a proven plan for growth based on your values and goals.