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Be A Legacy Coaching Certification

The Be A Legacy Coaching Certification training helps you build solid a foundation for you coaching practice.  Knowing the skills, mindset and the best questions to keep your clients moving forward so you build a sustainable coaching business.  Helping you build a full-time coaching business that is profitable and rewarding.

Are you seeking the skills of the successful coaches?

How would you feel if you knew you were inspiring others to achieve their goals?

Are you someone who is ready to to hold yourself and others capable of bringing dreams to life?

Are you ready to invest in yourself for your future success and to produce results?


The Be A Legacy Coaching Certification uses simple training that teaches you the skills necessary to coach and also shows you how to apply them to build your coaching practice with a solid foundation for growth. This program helps you catapult your clients decision making process and you grow your leadership development as you take action for success.

How do you stand out as a coach?

Who is your desired client?

Why would anyone pay you to coach them?

What would it feel like when you are paid what you are worth in coaching?

These questions get cleared up through our training courses and practical application of each training.


Be A Legacy Basic Coaching Certification $1997

Be A Legacy Basic Coaching Certification Program Includes:

  • 3 Day Live Training Event
  • Samples of Coaching Agreements, Intake Forms and Client Connection Forms
  • Understanding Different Behavior Styles & Learning Styles
  • Key Content for Coaches (see examples below)
  • Coach/Client Exercises
  • Training Journal
  • 4 weeks Mentor Coaching To Apply Knowledge & Skills Learned

Basic Certification Key Content For Coaches

Professional Preparedness Training

  • Creating Coaching Agreements that serve you and your client.
  • Using pre-session and post-session tools to create structure and consistency  with your clients.
  • Preparing for your sessions to maximize the time you have to make an impact.

Pricing Your Coaching Services

  • 1 on 1 coaching
  • Group coaching
  • Long term packages
  • Even when it is a free service

Listening, Communication & Building Client Relationships

  • Coaches are paid to listen.  Learn how to be a more effective listener and have some tools to stop you from interrupting them.
  • Communication is the key to client support. The benefits of email, calls, text & more.
  • Strong client relationships build client referrals. Helping you grow your practice.


Apply for the Advanced Certification upon completion of the Basic Certification training.

Advanced Certification Key Content for Coaches

Creating Client Action Plans

  • Discovering how to put a goal into an action plan.
  • Creating accountability using your action plan.
  • Client follow up and check ins for successful action planning.

Coaching the Perfectionist Client

  • Discover how perfectionism limits the client.
  • Skills to teach clients that scarcity or “all or nothing” thinking is not serving them.
  • Move clients into recovering perfectionists and expand their decisions.

Using Accountability To Motivate & Get Results

  • Leverage Accountability for success.
  • Building the long term value of results.
  • Helping clients find the best accountability partners for future success.

Your trainer for the Be A Legacy Coaching Certification is Kimberley Borgens, CBC – Kimberley is an Accredited  Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC) Certified Business Coach.  She is a Certified Direct Selling Coach and was a coach trainer faculty member for the Coach Excellence coach training school.  She has been a successful business coach for more than 12 years and has worked to help coaches build strong coaching practices.  She is a twenty plus year successful entrepreneur building multiple businesses in her community.  She is an award winning national best selling author, business consultant, trainer and has her own thriving coaching business.