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The Coaching Garden

  Time to blossom in the Coaching Garden




Ever felt like you could use a little support to keep you going for your goals?

You need to make a decision but hold back because you are unsure of the consequences?

You are faced with a challenge or opportunity and need to trouble shoot ideas before your move forward?

Ever experience people work hard to hold you back from achieving what you know you are meant to do?

If you are ready to be supported in a way that creates possibility and encouragement of what you are meant to do. And would like someone that you could brainstorm ideas with you so you know the best decision to make then you may want to be a part of The Coaching Garden.

The Coaching Garden allows you to:

  • Run ideas by your coach to see how they might work for you.
    Grow With Support

    Grow With Support

  • Get encouragement for your goals
  • Create clarity, direction and trouble shoot your thoughts,
  • Discover where to start and make decisions.
  • Assess your skill level and discover what next.
  • Increase your level of accountability

What is The Coaching Garden?

Coach Kimberley opens up her tool shed to help you grow. In need of a little TLC and watering to help your goals blossom? Each month you have the opportunity to put some sun light on your challenges, opportunities and whatever you are facing that might put a shadow on you achieving your goals.   Coach Kimberley will help you discover your next steps, create clarity and plan your actions steps with laser coaching and group support.

When you subscribeFlower Purple Rose to The Coaching Garden you have the opportunity to join in on a monthly call. Each call is recorded in case you miss it.  You submit your questions for coaching support and you have the opportunity to be nourished with a laser coaching session. If you are not on the call your questions would still be answered for you to listen to later. Your subscription also plants you in a private Facebook group with other flowers growing their goals into beautiful bouquets. You will be able to ask questions, run your ideas by everyone in the group and basically mastermind for support. You will have people partnering with you to see you flourish and succeed in reaching your goals.

 Time for you to plant yourself into a flourishing garden that will be nurtured and well taken care of?

A few reasons you would join are if:

  • You are on a roll and could use a little support from a coach without having to pay for a big coaching package.
  • You are starting out and not sure if a coach is right for you.
  • Encouragement and support is hard to come by and a monthly dose would create some excitement and keep you going.
  • Creating some level of accountability would help you do what you say you want to do.

Only $27 a month to keep you on track and get the support to help your goals grow and blossom!

Flower Red Hibiscus

Click Here Start Today Only $27

PS: Think about how much stress, time & energy you have put towards your goals so far. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make it work with less stress and feel like the time & energy was worth it?

Then sign up and get started growing in The Coaching Garden today.