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30 Day Coach Challenge

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Are you a coach who wonders why they work hard but do not get the amount of clients they would like to?

Have you given your coaching skills away more than you have been paid for the value that they are worth?

Do you wonder what it is that the professional coaches are doing to be so successful?

The 30 Day Coach Challenge will help you solve these challenges!

The 30 Day Coach Challenge is a way to have you the coach step into challenges where you set goals, learn some different ideas, gain some tips to enhance what you are already doing and some bonus training for you the coach.

We will help you apply what you already know and what you already have as a coach and give you a refreshed drive to move you closer to your own personal and professional goals.

You will pick a challenge from our list provided or share one that would work best for you.

You will receive an email daily for thirty days with ideas to help you grow as a coach.  These daily small challenges give you the opportunity to try new techniques and build your coaching business.  A daily challenge may look like “reach out and connect with a past client” or “ideas on ways to nurture a client relationship are”.  You may get a challenge on discovering ways to create a new product or service for you client.   These will help you come up with some long awaited answers for your own coaching business.

A sample tip of what the 30 days of tips will be is:
  • Plan ahead!  What is your plan for the year? The month? The Week?  When you plan out your business you add a new level of success.  You might be like most coaches are “winging it” hoping for success instead of planning your success.  Create company objectives, have a business plan, set company goals and create structures that have solid foundations for success.
Sample of one of the 10 challenges to choose from is:
  • For the next 30 days, at the end of each day write a list of 3 items that you want to complete that are not your normal must do’s.  Each morning look at your list and take one action towards each of those 3 items.

You will also receive some coaching questions, coaching ideas, marketing strategies and coaching tools as well as being challenged to reach you own goal for the challenge.

This challenge helps you on your way to success and help to make sure you are setting yourself up for sustainable success without coach burn out.

The 30 Day Coach Challenge is where we will help you step up as a coach!

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When you take action in this challenge, you will get more than your money’s worth!

 Next 30 Day Coach Challenge Starts June 1st!


Think that You don’t have “Time” for this Coach Challenge?

Each challenge is designed for you to spend 15 to 30 minutes a day on the challenge and then move on to the action steps for your own personal coaches goal!

If you want to grow your coaching business, produce better income that allows you to be helpful as a coach and get paid for the blessing you provide then 15-30 minutes a day is something that you must find the time for!