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Coachology Virtual Academy

Coachology Virtual Academy

Where would you like to improve your skills as a coach?

The Coachology Virtual Academy will help you look professional, be professional and take your business to a new level for you and to be of service to your clients.  Whether you are looking for increasing your presence, increasing your income or increasing the impact you make in the world, the tools in Coachology Virtual Academy will help you mix in the right ingredients to increase in the area you decide to take action on.

You have the option to choose one lesson or all the lessons.  You decide your level of need and take action to grow in your skills, knowledge and being more of service to others.

The Coachology Virtual Academy will teach you:

  • To understand why policies and guidelines matter to your success
  • To look like a professional and be treated like one too
  • That preparing yourself and your client creates greater success
  • How to keep your self organized for efficiency and for your taxes and reporting
  • How helping the client move forward and how to stay connected with them after the coaching relationship is complete
  • Why understanding the true value of accountability  and using it to be of service to your client
  • How potential clients find you and build a relationship before they reach out to you for service
  • Why it is important for you to get paid and fulfill your desire to help others

This program that will have you answering questions, watching videos and listening to audio to grow your coaching business with our online secure training tool.  Kimberley will put you through some powerful training that will help you expand your coaching business and build your confidence and skill as a professional coach.

 Coachology – The mixture of coaching tools and tips to improve your coaching skill and serving your clients professionally.  

What makes you stand out from all the other “coaches” in the world?  

Kimberley has been in the coach world for more than ten years and has seen people call themselves a coach and really have the intention of being a professional coach yet they do not have the professional tools to do so.  Often they lack the systems in place or the tools to leverage themselves in being taken seriously as a coach.  Coachology will help to shift that and get you the coach to a new level in your business and get you to take action for yourself and your clients.

You have options here! The Coachology Virtual Academy can be broken down to individual lessons or the whole package.  You choose what serves you best.  Just need a little help in one area of your coaching business?  Pick the lesson that will help you grow in that area.  Or get the whole package and really step up your skills and knowledge in your coaching business!

The current lessons Coacholgy Virtual Academy program includes:

  1. Coaching Business Policies – Be a Professional
  2. Creating Client Agreements and Contracts
  3. Create Pre-Call Forms and After Call Actions
  4. How To Create Professional Client Folders
  5. Closing Out Your Coaching Sessions and Keeping The Door Open
  6. Accountability For Success
  7. Online Presence For Your Coaching Business
  8. Pricing your Coaching – Filling Your Emotional & Physical Bank Accounts

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