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Party Plan Holiday Sales BootCamp



All Party Plan/Direct Sellers Who Have Struggled in 2013


The Party Plan Holiday Sales BootCamp will give you the opportunity to work with me over 6 Weeks to completely keep you focused and taking action to grow your direct selling / party plan business.

Are you ready to increase your sales, add new people to your team and gain customer loyalty?

You will be working your socks off because you will be a hot commodity in your field.

Does This Ring A Bell For You?

— You want to build a business to pay down some debt

  You know you sell great product but not many people are buying from you

  You want to spend more time with your family and friends but you do not have the money or time necessary to do it

—  You keep trying all the ideas but none of them seem to get you making the money or having the freedom you want

    My name is Kimberley Borgens and I went from being a single mom on welfare to to a multi-business owner and last year grossing almost two million dollars in sales.  I know what it takes to be successful in business and i want to help you.

There are some key fundamentals that many business owners / entrepreneurs leave out of their business and end up leaving their businesses because of working too hard and not having the freedom.

Here Is What The “Party Plan Holiday Sales BootCamp” Can Do For You

  Give you the confidence to know you are in the right business.

  Know that you are actually helping the right customers and team that you are meant to be helping.

  Increase your sales average so you can get out of debt and leave a JOB if you want to.

  Show you how to get your calendar full and keep updating it quickly without worry or frustration

  Connect with people in ways that they not only want to do business with you, they want their friends and family to do business with you too.

  Give you life long skills so you know how to build a profitable business over and over again.

Get Completely Focused With Me For Six Weeks

> We will kick off our first focus call on Knowing Your Calendar and booking it full.

> Every Monday for 6 weeks we will have a focus call where I will be teaching you how to create bookings, sales, coaching and much more to increase your holiday sales for 2013.

> We will work together with online coaching, audio recordings to support you, handouts and templates as well as some fun challenges too.  All the while keeping you accountable in the process.

> There will be two additional live calls for laser coaching where you can ask questions and I will work with you through finding the right answers for you.

> Each Week you will have access to additional tools and exercises that you will be expected to work through.

> And you will have access to a private Bootcampers online members only area so you can get support from others working through the Party Plan Holiday BootCamp with you.

Are You Ready?  Yes!  I Want Instant Access Now!

I understand that I’ll receive instant access to:

Instant access to the pre BootCamp preparation modules so i can get started right now.

Access to all five (5) Focus Calls where I will have the opportunity to learn new or refurbished ideas and tools to grow my business this holiday season.

Two live calls for laser coaching and Q&A with Kimberley Borgens, the Queen of Accountability

Audio’s, Video’s and templates to help me create a successful holiday season and beyond.

Access to the private online members only area just for the Party Plan holiday Sales BootCampers so I can find a buddy and get support from others.

ONLY $249

That is less than $50 a week!  I know that you will make this back quickly when you take the steps and do the work outlined in the bootcamp!

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Looking Forward to Working With You,

Kimberley Borgens

P.S. Don’t put this off!  I am anticipating these limited spaces being snapped up really quickly so act now!

NEED TO MAKE TWO PAYMENTS?  Contact us at to set up your Two Payments of $139 – three weeks apart!