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Business Leaders Plan

Helping You to Become the Respected Leader Everybody Loves

How would it feel to if you showed up in your business as competent, capable and decisive leader?Are you an entrepreneur who wants to connect more with clients, pay yourself regularly and get all the tasks in your business completed? Then you want to join the Business Leader Plan. This plan will help you discover the tasks that need to get done in your business so you know what kind of help you need and what skills you need to learn to build a respectable business.

What you get in this 90 Day Group Plan

  • Tools on being a strong leader
  • Skills that make you feel competent and knowledgeable
  • Tips and ideas on making quick and confident decisions
  • Strategic ideas on connecting more with clients
  • Plan to get yourself paid from your business
  • Systems for getting your tasks completed and give yourself more time
Business Leaders Plan

Advanced Coaches Plan

Helping You Make More Money with Less Time and Make a Bigger Coaching Difference

What if you could celebrate regularly with your clients, free up more time to advance your coaching practice and make the money to support your life? Coaches are a dime a dozen these days. What sets you apart from being a hobby coach to being seen as a professional coach? You are a Coach and you are just barely getting by! Feeling overwhelmed trying to find new clients and more time to get things done and you want to find ways to connect with more people and help them live a fulfilling and happy life.

What you get in this 90 Day Group Plan

  • Tools to work with more unique clients
  • Skills to make quick and effective decisions
  • Making money as a coach
  •  Setting up solid business foundations to last as a coach
  • Tips to help others see you as a professional coach and not a hobby coach
Advanced Coaches Plan

Legacy Discovery Plan

Helping You Live Better Instead of Dreaming About It

What dreams do you have sitting on the shelf waiting for you to take action on?  What if you could discover how to put your dreams into action and let go of wishing and wanting? The Legacy Discovery Plan is for you when you want to discover if your dream or hobby can take on a legacy of their own. You get to get in the discovery phase and decide if the dream comes down from the shelf and gets to take flight or if that dream was an idea that was just not explored enough to let it go.

What you get in the 90 Day Group Plan

  • Research and understanding of the viability of your dream or hobby
  • Strategic planning to design your system
  • Discover the profitability of your plan
  •  Increase the probability of making a bigger difference
  • Have fun playing with the dream you have had sitting around too long
Legacy Discovery Plan

Happily Married Entrepreneur Plan

Helping You Become the Entrepreneur Your Spouse Loves to Support

Imagine being an entrepreneur who shares their wins and their challenges with their spouse and feels heard, supported and loved no matter the outcome. You have tried so many business ideas that your spouse just shakes their head at you when you talk about the next one. You don’t feel like you have your spouse’s support for you to be successful. If you want your family and friends to stand beside you, back your decisions and be there when you need help then the Happily Married Entrepreneur Plan is for you.

What you get in this 90 Day Group Plan

  • Communicate effectively so you don’t have to try to convince
  • Define your specific role at home and in business.
  • Tips to stop bankrupting your partner
  • Discover the top three reasons your partner doesn’t seem supportive
  • Gain fast action tips to stay on track and get the support you deserve
Happily Married Entrepreneur Plan