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Coaching Focus Hour

You can get an hour of focused coaching with Kimberley during the month without the need for a coaching package.  You can sign yourself up or sign up a team leader.  As long as there are hours open, Kimberley will get you booked.

Book a Focus Hour coaching session for any of the following reasons:

  • to enhance relationships with those up, down and around you.
  • to get more organized.
  • for high-potential performers or for refining up-and-coming managers.
  • to improve communication and interpersonal skills.
  • to become a better coach and/or flexible leader.
  • for further leadership development and management skill building.
  • to correct and adjust any behavior or attitude in oneself.
  • to make decisions.
  • to stay focused on a goal.
  • for dealing with difficult people and dealing with conflict.
  • for leaders who need to make decisions, think and design, strategize and plan.
  • to gain more personal or leadership confidence.
  • to help with action and accountability.
  • for career development.
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