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Queen of Accountability

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Accountability  – Being Able To Account For Your Actions!

“Queen of Accountability” Kimberley Borgens teaches Accountability in Action!  She shows you how to have fun with accountability and get results you want.  Keeping you focused to achieve the life style and goals you desire.

She is a WABC – Certified Business Coach & Certified Direct Selling Coach, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Author.

Kimberley has created the Accountability Blueprint, Accountability Boot Camp and Partner Up For Accountability eBook to support leaders and teams in creating accountability success.

Kimberley is a dedicated & powerful Business Leader!  She Mentors and Coaches Small Business Entrepreneurs, Direct Sellers and Network Marketers in creating financial stability, time management and business success.

While walking beside you she will encourage you with positive accountability by holding you to what you say you want to create, in a way you want to be held accountable for your success.

As a multi-award winning entrepreneur with 20 years of business success, Kimberley has proven strategies with accountability to get you and your team moving in the right direction!  She saves you Time & Money with proven strategies for business success. Flower Red Hibiscus

Kimberley is a professionally trained coach with a background in small business.  She will help you with small business issues by overseeing, assisting and guiding you – the small business owner – in developing, starting and growing your small business.  Her coaching and consulting helps you clarify your business goals and objectives so you can develop the skills and acquire the resources needed to operate a successful business.  By utilizing the laws of accountability you will move forward and discover how to enjoy your business more.

Your business will improve from working with Kimberley when you take action with accountability.

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*WABC – Worldwide Association of Business Coaches