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Simple Accountability BootCamp

The Simple Accountability BootCamp is an easy way to create accountability in your life and get coaching towards what you want to achieve in your life.  You are also able to have a coach that you can bounce ideas off of and create the kind of accountability necessary to achieve your goals.

This program is like having an accountability partner in your back pocket.

Someone who wants to see you succeed and has the knowledge and tools to support you in your success.

The Simple Accountability BootCamp is geared for YOU to be coached with all of your personal goals, business goals, relationships and overall personal development.  We made it easy to schedule your coaching session because you have 24/7 access to your coaching questions and answers.  The goal of this virtual Simple Accountability BootCamp is to get YOU to a “personal best”, or “personal success”, for the weekly goals you choose.

What you will get with this program:

  • Online access for goal setting and accountability
  • Questions to hold you accountable that help you live everyday at your highest level of success.
  •  Access to a journal online to collect your thoughts and share them with your coach to support you with your goals and dreams.
  • Responses from your coach, Kimberley Borgens, CBC
  • Access to a monthly group coaching call (that is also recorded) where you can ask questions and pick the brain of the “Queen of Accountability”
  • Handouts, helpful stories, audio lessons and ideas for success.

There are audio files with handouts to share lessons and ideas on achieving the goals you want.  You will also have one-on-one coaching with Kimberley in an online platform.  Basically, you will get the best of Kimberley for more than half the price of her one-on-one live coaching sessions.

Each week you will answer questions for your coach like:

At what level of accountability do you want to be held to?

  • Strong – Kick My Butt Please
  • Medium – Keep Me Focused
  • Lite – Just Enough To Get By
The support I could use from my coach is:
The SMARTER Goal I am setting for this week is:
Three action steps I am committed to take towards my goal this week are:

And many more questions to keep you on track and stepping into accountability!

You might want to sign up for the Simple Accountability Bootcamp if:

You are looking for support in reaching a goal
You’re stuck and are not moving forward
You feel like you have been trying to do it all alone for far to long
You want to accomplish a goal or task quicker than you have in the past
You think it has to be hard to achieve what you want in life
You are ready to learn a new and improved way to get what you need to succeed
If you are ready to add more accountability to your daily life and business sign up today!

Three Payment Options For This Program

Full On Weekly Sessions – 12 Week Commitment – Paid In Full $529 (Best Deal)
   *Sessions open weekly and you receive weekly responses from your coach
Full On Weekly Sessions – Paid Monthly $199
   *Sessions open weekly and you receive weekly responses from your coach
Semi Monthly Sessions – Paid Monthly $129
   *Sessions open every 14 days and you receive responses from your coach twice monthly

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Simple Accountability BootCamp Semi Monthly – Monthly Payment $129    Get Started Today!

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