Speaking - We Support Women in Business

Kimberley Borgens has presented at a large number business workshops, women’s networking events, forums, direct sales workshops and coaching conferences.

Formats include Keynote speeches, breakout sessions, half day and full day presentations, virtual training's,  presentations and interview forums.

Commonly Requested Topics:

  • Partnering Up For Success
  • Welfare to Wealth
  • Delegating – The Hidden Tool For Success
  • Designing Your Success Advisory Team
  • Networking For Results

If you are looking for a speaker for your large or small event contact Kimberley to discover if we are the right fit for your tribe. 

More information on topics above:

Partnering Up For Success helps your audience discover the value of accountability partners and how to get more accomplished in a week. With step by step instructions finding the right accountability partners has never been easier.

Welfare to Wealth helps your audience learn that their past does not equal their future! From being a single mom on welfare Kimberley and her remarkable team have discovered some key steps to building a multi-million dollar corporation and employ hundreds of people making a bigger difference in the lives of those families. Learn some of the steps it takes to grow a profitable and sustainable long term business.

Delegating - The Hidden Tool For Success helps your audience reveal the simple and more complex tasks in their lives that could and in many cases should be delegated to someone else to do. By delegating you learn to free up your time to do the most important things in your life such as; spending more time with your family and friends, working on your business and not in your business and take the necessary "me time" to recharge and ready yourself for what life throws at you. Learn how to discover the tasks to delegate and the simple structure to making it happen with ease.

Designing Your Success Advisory Team helps the small business owner design and build a community of other entrepreneurs that come together regularly to brainstorm, mastermind and share tips and tools to help you grown in your business. Asking people who truly want to see you be successful to advise and guide you can be a challenge and yet extremely rewarding when you do this in a way that serves both sides of the team. Getting help from mentors who have already been through the challenges that running a business can face.

Networking For Results helps your audience discover some simple tips to shift how they are networking now. Who do you talk to first? Who and how do you follow up? Do you really follow up? During this presentation we will help you answer these questions so you can build the right connections and make more money from your networking.

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