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Nikky Phinyawatana

Nikky Phinyawatana

You are top notch! 👏👏 highly recommend.  She will make you more money than you spend on coaching! Do the math! Priceless!!!🥇🏆🎉

Proprietor / Asian Food Enthusiast at Asian Mint


Janet Henze

Losing a job can be a shock, but Janet Henze was certain that she could start her own business and make the jump to full-time entrepreneur without missing a beat. Confident at first, Janet found herself increasingly frustrated with a lack of results. Having seen first-hand the results Kimberley Borgens got for her clients, Janet asked Kimberley to help her find and clear out the roadblocks that were holding her back. Together they discovered that it was actually one of Janet’s strengths – perfectionism – that was holding her back. Learning to overcome this limiting mindset, Janet now continues to move forward in leaps and bounds as she fearlessly put her plans into action and never lets her perfectionism get in the way.

Kimberley and I had worked together for several years at another company so I knew her talent, her work ethic, her expertise and her results with her businesses and I had already hired her as a business coach so I was impressed with her coaching skills. I was excited about the opportunity she presented to me to gain my coaching certification. One major lesson I learned is that I am a Perfectionist!! I’ve been told that and teased about it but I never really realized it until she taught a lesson on perfectionism. It really sunk in that I have been living life as a perfectionist thinking I was pursuing excellence. Ouch, that one hurt! Personally, Kimberley helped me get a handle on some behaviors that clearly weren’t working; like never getting started on my fitness program because I may not do it perfectly. In my coaching with clients, it has been a relief to see how much pressure I was putting on myself and my clients to get it right. As perfectionist, I always took things personally. So wow…what a lesson! What a damaging cycle I uncovered thanks to my training with Kimberley.

Janet Henze Business & Personal Development Coach

Kristen Robinson

Kristen Robinson’s dreams of being in a high-level mastermind seemed like just that, a dream. She needed to raise more than $10,000 in two weeks and had no idea where to start. When Kimberley Borgens met with Kristen, she issued her a challenge and a promise. Do the work and follow the systems I set up, and we’ll make it happen. Two weeks filled with daily accountability and focused progress later, Kristen’s dream came true as she accomplished the impossible. Now filled with confidence and clarity, Kristen continues to break through barriers using the systems and strategies Kimberley taught her for achieving those big goals and never holding back.

“When I stop and think about what Kimberley has done for me and my business, words cannot express my gratitude. I was in a situation where I wanted to pay in full for a business program. It looked really far out of my reach and started to feel like a dream. I didn’t think there was any way to get in the program, let alone stay in it because the price tag was pretty high. With Kimberley’s help, I matched more than 30% of the tuition! Not only was I able to get into the program and make the payments, but know I’m more confident than ever that I can do anything I set my mind to. The best part is thanks to Kimberley, I have no trouble making the payments because I know what’s possible! Thank you, Kimberley, for showing me that I’m limiting myself to “right now” thinking vs. of “where I want to be” thinking!

Kristen Robinson The Military Spouse Business Mentor

Linda Zier

Linda Zeir was thinking about selling her business, but first, she needed to get it into shape. When Linda met with Kimberley, she was suffering from a classic case of burying her head in the sand and hoping everything would work out. Kimberley helped Linda acknowledge the chaos, implement systems that streamlined her business, hire the right people, and connected her with resources to get her business house in order. Today, Linda still owns her business and continues to build it up with the systems and tools they implemented, confident in her own performance and a successful future sale on her own terms.

“I look forward to each call because I know I will have a new plan for my business each week. Kimberley helps me get organized and do the things that I don’t want to do because they are necessary for me to move forward. I know I have to get the things on my list done because she is going to ask me about it.”

Linda Zier Bear Creek Glass, Small Business Owner

Amanda Archibald

When Amanda Archibald first began working with Kimberley Borgens, she needed help getting rid of a huge debt load in a short amount of time. Fiercely protective of her family’s future, she found the guidance and accountability she needed in Kimberley and was able to pay off $60,000 over the next 10 weeks. Less than 6 months later, her husband left her. Because of the hard work she had done before with Kimberley, Amanda had the confidence, clarity, and ability to take on this new life challenge as a single parent and the big bills that came with it. Years later, the systems and skills Kimberley taught her to continue to profoundly impact her life and give her the ability to take charge of her own destiny.

“Kimberley has been in my life and coached me since 2007. With Kimberley’s help, I was able to pay off $60,000 of debt in just ten weeks! Think of all the things you need in order to successfully accomplish what you say you want. She is an expert at asking the right questions and then set up a game plan with the best accountability for you. Over the years, just one conversation with her gets me fired up to take on my next goal with fierceness. I highly suggest requesting her into your life. Stop talking about what you wish you had and go for the big pipe dreams. If you need ideas on eliminating debt, fundraising or personal relationship flourishing, she is the one to coach you.”

Amanda Archibald Owner of Peaceful Valley Resort, Sharp Designs, Inc., 1 star Silver Manager with Isagenix

Antoinette Berman

When Antoinette Berman’s husband passed away and she became the sole breadwinner for her household, she faced an uncertain future filled with no car, no experience managing finances, the IRS knocking at her door, and a disorganized business. When Antoinette and Kimberley Borgens first started working together, they focused on setting budgets, systems, and goals that helped her get back control of her business and her life. But the best result was when Antoinette finally understood her own value, clearing out negative influences in her life, and creating the business, life, and freedom she’d always dreamed of.

“Kimberley helped me believe that it is possible to achieve my goals for my business. I now believe that I can truly have my business support me the way I want it to and do more than just survive! Kimberley taught me multiple systems that I am using to help me achieve organization in my business. I now keep better track of the hours I work on each client and the number of hours I work a day. I no longer beat myself up when I don’t work as many hours as I had hoped to. I hear her voice when my desk gets too messy and needs to be cleaned up so filing gets done.”

Antoinette Berman Medical Billing Specialist, Small Business Owner