Entrepreneur to CEO

Do You Want To Be Successful In Business? Then Prove It!!

I often hear from women entrepreneurs that they want to be successful in business. When I ask them a few questions about their business 70% of the time they cannot answer the simple foundational questions about being in business. They are either without knowledge or just don't really want to be successful in the business they created for themselves.

Be A Legacy is known for helping you build a foundation for success. Whether you designed your business or someone else did, it is up to you to do what you can to be successful. Everyone entrepreneur wants freedom. But did you know that in order to get that freedom you desire you actually have to work your butt off to get to it?

I help solopreneurs /entrepreneurs like you, get a CEO mindset, build a solid foundation and design the best structures to build a successful business that makes a difference in the world.

"You do not get extra points in life by doing it alone!"  

Learn Tips, Ideas & Solutions

Tips, Ideas & Solutions


From Entrepreneur to Small Business CEO

*Ready or not the next step from entrepreneur is to become the CEO and help your business grow.

How do you make the transition and make it last?

Where have you and your business been and where are you going to take it?

What is in your way from getting to the next level and make a bigger impact?


It is time to have a Business Strategic Plan

When working with your Be A Legacy Mentor you will:

  • Build Your Business Strategic Plan
  • Discover your next best step in moving forward
  • Pin point what your needs are to be a Small Business CEO
  • How will you decide who to hire and for what tasks
  • Learn how the value of marketing for staff, vendors and investors
  • Guided on who your advisors in business would be
  • How to build your finances to support your vision


Become A Better Leader

Become A Better Leader

Direct Selling/MLM Entrepreneurs to CEO's:

  • Why You Are In Business
  • Who Are You Talking To
  • Networking to Maximize Connections
  • Follow Up With Accountability Creates Success
  • What Makes You Stand Out
  • Creating A Strategic Plan to Survive a Closure or Buy Out


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