21 Service Based Business Ideas You Can Start in 2021

By Kimberley Borgens

Anytime is a good time to start a service based business. It is even more valuable now to provide excellent customer services and offer something people want that helps them solve their own challenges. After 2020 closed so many businesses down people and businesses had to learn how to work from home. It is clear now that businesses can still create profits and work from home.

You might be looking for a way to create income for yourself and your family. You may have to find a way to make income because your company no longer exists. Or you may be looking for ways to make more money and eventually quit your job. Whatever the reason, starting your own service based business can help you create more income, build a connection in your community and be of service in a way that others feel like something was taken off their shoulders.

I have put together this list of 21 Service Based Business Ideas You can Start in 2021 to get you moving in the entrepreneurial arena. Some of these ideas I have either started myself or I have needed the service and put a call out to my community to see if someone could help me and then they have turned it into a business. I know it can work for you if you find your correct service business idea and run with it

Adventure Tours

Are you an adventurous kind of person? This might be a good service business idea for you if you are. What kind of adventure? Well that depends on you. My husband and kids were spending way too much money on their hobby which was dirt bike riding. Together we built Family Off-Road Adventures where they take 100-150 street legal dirt bikes through the backroads of Yosemite for two days and have a great time. The hobby was turned into a business and they have made a lot more connections with others who enjoy the same kind of adventures. This service business idea has been used to create overland style adventures, jeep off road adventures and hiking adventures. What adventure awaits you and your future tribe?

Business Travel Planner

Do you love to travel? Have a few tips in your back pocket on getting the best travel deals and are well organized so you can organize travel for others? You can connect with small businesses and help them plan their business travel. Book flights, hotels, rental cars, car pick-ups, food delivery, and any other services that a business traveler needs while they are away.

Children’s Fitness Coordinator

With a lot of kids still schooling from home parents are looking for ways to get their children involved in some fitness activity. Dance, Self-defense, Gymnastics, Swimming, Physical Fitness. Whatever it is you can do it virtually, one on one at their home, in a park with social distancing or get creative. Helping kids stay active and fit is important and parents can use a little time to catch up for themselves.

*Keep in mind that when you are working with kids there are some safety precautions you will likely need to put in place so a parent can trust you. This may include being bonded, licensed, fingerprinted and background checked from the Department of Justice.

Children’s Transportation Provider

Parents are working at a location or at home and kids still have activities to get to. You can be the resource every parent needs to save time and energy and get their kids to and from locations. Whether it is school, sports activities, tutoring or taken to Grandma’s for the weekend you can be the person who makes all those connections happen. If you have a passion for helping families stay connected and are a great driver that is not easily distracted this could be a lucrative business for you.

*Keep in mind that when you are working with kids there are some safety precautions you will likely need to put in place so a parent can trust you. This may include being bonded, licensed, fingerprinted and background checked from the Department of Justice.

Clutter Removal Service

There is so much clutter in our lives and you can be the one person who can help someone clean up and remove clutter away from their home and business. Whether it is a dump run or I think more needed is someone to run donations to the donation drop off locations. Be the person who picks up donations, organizes where the donations can go and then get the receipt back to the person that hired you so they can use that donation for tax purposes. It is a lot of work to find out the best place for the donations to go, the times for drop offs and getting that clutter out of our homes. Make it easy and simple for people to want to hire you to help them remove some clutter at home and in their mind. And two times a month reach out to clients and pick up canned good to take to a local food bank since you are already out there anyway. You might be surprised to see how much more people want to help but don’t have the energy to go to the food bank themselves.

Computer – Repair, Installer, Trainer

If computers are your gig, then repair them, install them and train others in using them. It is not difficult to let people know you can do this for them. Once you get a couple satisfied clients, get testimonials and those can help you get more clients.

Dog Waste Removal

Yes, it is a dirty job, but someone can make money doing it! Many people dislike the dirty jobs and are willing to pay someone else to do it. If you are okay with doing the dirty work then put your feet to the sidewalk and visit neighborhoods with barking dogs and let them know you are willing to come in and clean up the waste. This will benefit them in many ways. Saves them time, reduces flies in the yard and they can enjoy their yard without all the waste.

Elder Companion, Shopper, Reader

As people get older it is often harder for them to get around. Something as easy as picking up groceries and delivering them or returning and purchasing clothing items for them gives them the feeling of a little independence even if they cannot get around anymore. More than anything our elderly are lonely and can use a companion that can read to them or have a conversation with them on a regular bases. Many people will go to elderly care centers to visit but very few will take time out for those that are stuck in their own homes. Families would be willing to pay for someone they trust to visit with their loved ones when they cannot. Even more valuable when they live in other states.

*Keep in mind that when you are working with the elderly there are some safety precautions you will likely need to put in place the family can trust you. Elder abuse is not a joke and happens frequently.  This may include being bonded, licensed, fingerprinted and background checked from the Department of Justice.

Errand Assistant / Personal Shopper

As you are aware 2020 put a lot of pressure on families with having to stay at home, with kids on virtual school and working from home. Never enough time to go out and get the things done when they needed to get done. Being a errand assistant or personal shopper can help to ease some of the stress families have found themselves in.

Food Prep Assistant

I am an entrepreneur with a full schedule. While looking for ways to find more time in my schedule for some self-care, I realized that fixing dinner took up a lot of time every day. I shared with my community that I was looking for someone to come to my home once a week to prepare my meats and vegetables for me to help me save some time. I had a gal coming to my home one day a week and within two hours she did all my prep work for meals for the week. Paying her for two hours that ended up saving me three to four extra hours a week was well worth it. I found my extra time and she found some extra money! Check out this blog on preventing small business burnout.  https://bealegacy.com/prevent-small-business-burnout/

Handywoman / Handyman

If you have a skillset and can do some handy work, then get out there and be of serve to those who do not have the skillset! Repairing fencing, dry-rot on houses, cleaning gutters, hanging pictures or fix what the dog tore up. You can create a good business with the skills you have.

House Sitter

If you like dogs, cats or exotic animals, do not have a problem sleeping in other people’s houses and you can follow instructions then this might be a good service based business idea for you. People go away for many reasons. A weekend away, a week away or a month away for self care or business and they have animals that need to be cared for or plants that need to get watered or they just want someone they can trust to be in their home while they are away.

In Home – Fitness Trainer, Hair Dresser, Make Up Artist

You can go into someone’s home and help them get fit, eat healthy and plan out their weight loss journey. You can also go to their home and give them a haircut and style or teach them how to create a great zoom make up plan. In some businesses you have to take the business to them to create the income you are looking for. Get create and be of service.

Knife Sharpener

Everyone needs sharp knives. If you can do a great job at sharpening knives every housewife, fisherman, hunter and chef needs professionally sharp knives. Pick up and deliver in a timely manner and you will have more business than what you know to do with. You might even have to train an apprentice to help you out.

Lawn Care – Maintenance, Waterer, Designer

Lawn care can be simple or complicated. Either way someone wants you to do that job for them. Pulling weeds, mowing lawns, fertilizing, seeding, trimming and watering are just a few simple lawn care and maintenance ideas. If someone does not have an automatic watering system you can become that for them. My experience is that most people want a nice looking front and back yard but do not have the time to keep it up. You can solve that problem for them. In 2021 people are spending more time at home and want their yards to be maintained so they can enjoy them.

Mobile Car Wash & Detailer

Businesses with a fleet vehicles spend a lot of money every year on keeping their vehicles cleaned and detailed. In one of my businesses with have a handful of vehicles. It cost my payroll to send an employee to go to the carwash and detailer to get the vehicles cleaned five different times in a day or week. I mentioned to a manager in the office that we could probably save some time if we could just have someone come to our office and wash and detail the fleet vehicles. A new business was created by the spouse of one of our employees. They came to the office washed five vehicles in less than two hours and it was half the price for the company. We could put our employee to work in areas that better served their skills and another business was created in our community.

Online Photo Album Designer

I have a friend who will take all of your photos from your cell phone and create beautiful family memories in albums in a virtual album designer program. She gets paid for her time organizing your photos into beautifully graphic designed albums and she is much faster than anything I could do because she is good at it and has more practice than me. She charges by the hour but is so quick it is pretty inexpensive comparatively to my time and man it was more than worth it. If this is something you are good at and can be quick and creative this could be a lucrative service based business for you. Last year she designed four different albums for me and I was able to give everyone on my Christmas list a beautiful album filled with memories during a very difficult year.

Online Teaching & Tutoring

The research has been done! A school year where kids could successfully be taught virtually and this can open up new windows for teachers and tutors everywhere. In 2019 and the beginning of 2020 I coached clients who were trying to see how lucrative teaching and tutoring could be in a virtual setting. Both of these clients created plans and strategies to build an online business using their skills as a teacher or a tutor to be able to help kids far and wide be successful in school. Covid-19 hit and they were already prepared to do their online businesses when the pandemic hit. Well now there are more opportunities out there for your services to help kids be successful in a virtual setting.

Personal Wardrobe Stylist

Have you been on the Zoom calls where you look at some co-workers or friends and think to yourself… “Where did they come up with that outfit?”  Not everyone can put together an outfit that says I am smart, capable and you can trust me to handle your business. You can help people be prepared for online meetings, job interviews and speaking gig find the right clothes and accessories that will work on Zoom and in person. Working alongside a makeup artist could also be a great way to co-collaborate and build a great service based business with some style.

Solar Panel Cleaner

You have seen all the solar panels on houses in many states. Well, when the rain comes and the wind blows those solar panels need a good cleaning to continue to produce the amount of energy that is ideal per panel. Having the right products and insurance and you can be on the roof tops cleaning for profits. Seems simple enough. Study up on the best ways to clean solar panels, put it to the test and start your business that will raise the energy for you customers.

Welcome Services for Entrepreneurs

You can welcome people who are new into the community with a gift basket from locals businesses. Maps and suggestions for the best places to find the most common necessities in the area. And you can become the welcome wagon for new and emerging entrepreneurs by giving them the gift of resources that can help them get going in the area of their business. Suggestions and most common tools needed for anyone starting out in their new journey as an entrepreneur. Get grants and sponsor to pay for the costs and build a strong service based business truly serving others.

These are just a few Service Based Business Ideas that You Can Start in 2021. Hope it created some ideas that you might be able to take action on. And allow you to see that there are so many options out there to create extra income for you and your family.

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Kimberley Borgens

About the author

Kimberley Borgens was married at 18, a mother at 19, and divorced at 20, she has journeyed from being a single mom on welfare to recognizing her strengths, fighting for what she believes in, and successfully building 5 thriving businesses with hundreds of employees and million-dollar budgets. Kimberley is a speaker, business mentor, and coaches her clients to transform their small business into a thriving business. Kimberley is living her own legacy as she inspires and motivates women to be fearless, become more like a CEO of their business and life, and enjoy the freedom they've dreamed of. She knows what it's like to start from nothing and build a strong solid business and she can help you too.

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