Perfectionism: Letting Go Of All Or Nothing Thinking

Learn how to spot when perfectionism is holding you back and the mindset needed to give yourself permission to do what your intuition is nudging you towards.

The Challenge

Perfectionism is an irrational belief that you (or your environment) must be perfect in order to make the right decision(s) to move forward. 

You are waiting to make a decision because you want to make sure you are making the right one.

The challenge with that thinking is anything less than perfectionism is considered a failure...but, it’s not a failure it’s a learning opportunity in your journey to becoming better and more prepared for what’s next.

Hi! I'm Kimberley Borgens

The Master of "The Hive". A community of Queen Bees that are ready to create a plan, take decisive action, and build a business that allows them the lifestyle they want and deserve!

I know what it's like to hire a coach that promises the world, yet after spending thousands of dollars and countless hours learn that they had no interest in what I wanted. They had their own agenda - and it didn't align with my vision.

I want you to know I am here help you develop a proven plan for growth based on your values and goals.

Introducing The Perfectionism Program

My Perfectionism Program is a online training program that provides you with a step-by-step blueprint that you can use to:

  • Learn how to allow yourself to make mistakes.
  • Accept yourself as a human being.
  • Set realistic goals and timeframes.
  • Develop techniques to stop your inner critic.
  • Find ways to enjoy success in the little things.
  • Stop second-guessing your ability to obtain achievement.

Janet Henze

Business & Personal Development Coach

Kimberley and I had worked together for several years at another company so I knew her talent, her work ethic, her expertise and her results with her businesses and I had already hired her as a business coach so I was impressed with her coaching skills. I was excited about the opportunity she presented to me to gain my coaching certification. One major lesson I learned is that I am a Perfectionist!! I’ve been told that and teased about it but I never really realized it until she taught a lesson on perfectionism. It really sunk in that I have been living life as a perfectionist thinking I was pursuing excellence. Ouch, that one hurt! Personally, Kimberley helped me get a handle on some behaviors that clearly weren’t working; like never getting started on my fitness program because I may not do it perfectly. In my coaching with clients, it has been a relief to see how much pressure I was putting on myself and my clients to get it right. As perfectionist, I always took things personally. So wow…what a lesson! What a damaging cycle I uncovered thanks to my training with Kimberley.

Frequently Asked Questions

It seems too good to be true...

Listen, I know that $47 isn't much of an investment...but, I also know firsthand how easy it can be to get stuck in business because of unforeseen obstacles. I wanted make sure that this program was available to any entrepreneur who may have hit a rough patch in their business, is looking for help, and is willing to do the work.

How will I access my trainings and materials?

Once you place your order, you will receive INSTANT ACCESS to all of the training and resources that are included in this program. There's no waiting, no dripping of the information. Sign up - pay - and learn the tools you need to bounce back from any obstacle that comes your way!

What if I'm not satisfied with the program?

Love it, or you pay nothing! If, for any reason, you don't find this program valuable, and you can show that you did the work, I will provide you with a 100% refund within 30 days of your purchase - no questions asked!

Is Perfectionism holding you back from getting things done?

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