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Would You Like Me To Help You Create a Sales Machine to Grow Your Revenue and Create Consistent Cash Flow in Your Business?

Here's What You'll Receive:

  • Find Me The Money - Honey. Let me help you identify key opportunities in your business to help you increase your gross revenue.
  • How to Price Your Products/Services. Learn how to price your products and services so that you get paid for the value you provide your customers.
  • Risk and Reward. Let me help you stay on track with reaching your goals through my risk and reward accountability program.
  • Discovery Call Outline. Follow my discovery call outline to help you convert more qualified prospects into customers.
  • Sales Scripts, Message Scripts to Get Returned Calls, Overcoming Objections. Gain access to the exact scripts I've used for years to schedule more discovery calls and overcome objections with the confidence of a pro.

Love it, or you pay nothing guarantee!

If, for any reason, you don't find this program valuable, and you can show that you did the work, I will provide you with a 100% refund within 30 days after your purchase - no questions asked!


Owner of Peaceful Valley Resort, Sharp Designs Inc., and a 1 star Silver Manager with Isagenix

“Kimberley has been in my life and coached me since 2007. With Kimberley’s help, I was able to pay off $60,000 of debt in just ten weeks! Think of all the things you need in order to successfully accomplish what you say you want. She is an expert at asking the right questions and then set up a game plan with the best accountability for you. Over the years, just one conversation with her gets me fired up to take on my next goal with fierceness. I highly suggest requesting her into your life. Stop talking about what you wish you had and go for the big pipe dreams. If you need ideas on eliminating debt, fundraising or personal relationship flourishing, she is the one to coach you.”

Hi! I'm Kimberley Borgens

The Master of "The Hive". A community of Queen Bees that are ready to create a plan, take decisive action, and build a business that allows them the lifestyle they want and deserve!

I know what it's like to hire a coach that promises the world, yet after spending thousands of dollars and countless hours learn that they had no interest in what I wanted. They had their own agenda - and it didn't align with my vision.

I want you to know I am here help you develop a proven plan for growth based on your values and goals.