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Kimberely Borgens | Be a Legacy Coach

The Truth About Building a Business

Hi, I'm Kimberley Borgens, the Queen Bee of The Hive Society

Kimberely Borgens | Be a Legacy Coach

I never thought I was going to be an entrepreneur but, I knew I needed to take care of my family, pay my bills and thrive.

I started my first business in 1993. Putting my knowledge (with no practical skill) into motion with my business partner. We both wanted flexibility and to be in control of our own time.

I was a single mom and wanted to spend time with my son and I did not have the income for childcare. It was smarter to work from home and it gave me the flexibility I needed to be in control of my time and allowed me to grow in business on my own timeline.

Building a business is hard work. It takes commitment, consistency, and learning to wade through uncharted territory. If there's one shortcut to building a business it's having someone to guide you along the way and a community that can support you in your journey. And that's why I created The Hive Society.

If you are like most entrepreneurs...

Here’s what I know about you. You have an innate spirit of dedication, hard work, and a deep desire to serve others. It’s this very spirit that started you on your entrepreneurial path and fuels you to do what you do every day.

It’s easy to get into the mindset and habit of trying to do everything yourself but the consequences are real and usually end in burnout.

There’s only so much time in the day. You can’t create more time. And you can’t “do” yourself into success.

You need a coach, support system, and a proven path to success.

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Are you ready to stop being a “busy bee” and bring in the “honey''? Become a Founding Member of the Hive Society and gain exclusive access to world-class training, tools, resources, and proven swipe files you need to build a thriving business.

 As a member of The Hive Society community, you will get the support, guidance, and accountability you need to stay on track, to get things done, and build the business you’ve dreamed of!

What's Included In Your Membership:


Tap into high-level group coaching with me LIVE each week where I’ll cover the most pressing topics that entrepreneurs face when building their business. My focus is to provide actionable advice to help you overcome obstacles with confidence and move the needle in your business faster.


Gain full access to all core and mini-courses as they are released (new courses are added every month). Choose from a library of training courses that will meet you where you’re at in your business, help you build a solid foundation, and provide you with the practical advice you need so that you can make sound decisions.


Each training course will provide you with the tools, resources, and swipe files you need to lay the foundation for success and build your business. I hold nothing back. There’s no reason to start from scratch when I have what you need to help you get better results.


As a Hive Society member, you will have exclusive access to our Private Facebook group. Here, you’ll find ongoing support, advice, and encouragement from fellow Queen Bees.

As a Founding Member

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Follow a proven path
of success...

As a Hive Society member, you will be given access to proven methods, processes, and training to help you build a thriving professional service-based business.

Avoid making
common mistakes...

Avoid making the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make that cost them their valuable time and money. As a Hive Society Member, you gain the knowledge you need to become a leader in your industry.

Build a business
on your terms...

The most important part of building your business is making sure your decisions reflect your vision. Discover how to build a business, on your terms, that you love, and that makes a difference in the world.

Secure your
financial future...

An entrepreneur’s life offers personal freedom, but what about financial freedom? Get the support and guidance you need to build a profitable business and secure your financial future.

Stop working
60+ work weeks...

Stop hustling 10+ hour workdays (and weekends)! Start focusing on the things that matter most and learn how to move the needle towards your goals.

Eliminate overwhelm
and confusion...

Not only will I provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to build your business - I’ll give you the blueprint(s), swipe files, and templates to help you shortcut the process!

Core Training Programs Included in Your Membership

IMPORTANT!!! As a Founding Member, you will have early access to all Core Training Programs and materials as they become available. Here’s a list of the courses that are coming soon….

Let's Make Money, Honey | The Sales Machine

In this course, you will gain access to exclusive tools and blueprints as you gain the knowledge and confidence needed to create consistent revenue. It’s time to get paid what you deserve for the service you provide.

Hive Building | Product Development

Have you identified your most profitable products and services? Hive Building teaches product development so you can become more competitive as you increase your bottom line and create more cash flow.

Bee Keeping: Rapid Growth Formula | Systems & Processes

You need the right people in your organization. With my Rapid Growth Formula, you will learn to document your systems and processes as you hire amazing people. This way, you can lean on your team to operate the business.

Worker Bee: The Support System | Team Building

Every business needs a Standard Operating Procedure. This course teaches you to create an SOP for hiring, firing, and training your dream team. These procedures will empower your team to do their job with confidence.

Gathering Honey: Profit Acceleration | Revenue & Profitability

With a shift in your mindset, Gathering Honey will show you how to go from entrepreneur to business owner. With the right vision for your company, you’ll learn to set realistic goals and manage your profitability.

Queen Bee: CEO Mastery | Own Your Role As CEO

You’ve successfully built a business, but do you know what role you play as Queen Bee? As you learn to Own Your Role As CEO, I’ll teach you the best ways you can support your team as you bring unity to your organization.

You'll Also Receive Access To These "Quick Win" Mini Courses!

IMPORTANT!!! Are you ready to jumpstart your journey today? Once you join The Hive Society, you will have IMMEDIATE access to the following mini-courses so you can learn how to overcome these common pitfalls in business right away!


Everyone experiences setbacks during their entrepreneurial journey. Learn the best ways to bounce back quickly, with less discouragement, and rise above with more confidence.

Overcoming Perfectionism

The perfectionism mindset can hold us back from fulfilling our potential. Learn how to call out perfectionism, listen to your intuition, and take action even when you might not feel like it.

Decision Making Made Simple

Conscious decision-making has a lasting impact on your business. Understanding the decision-making process will help you make key decisions with confidence.

And If That's Not Enough, You'll Also Receive...

Weekly Group Coaching with Kimberley!

As a Hive Society member, you have DIRECT ACCESS to weekly group coaching with me (Kimberley).

By joining my LIVE online Masterclass every Friday at 9 am PST | 12 noon EST, you will gain access to my 30 + years of experience as I help guide you to navigate the biggest obstacles to building a successful business. 

There’s no question that these Masterclasses are full of value! I could easily charge hundreds of dollars for EACH class. But as a Founding Member, you gain access to these - and so much more!

Get a "sneak peek" into a some of my upcoming Masterclasses...

  • The (7) Core Building Blocks For Entrepreneurial Success. Building a successful business doesn’t happen by accident. It takes the right mindset, building a solid foundation, and understanding what it means to be a leader. Here, you’ll learn my 7 core building blocks for entrepreneurial success.
  • How to Craft a Clear Vision For Your Business. The #1 responsibility of any leader is to cast a clear vision for the company. When you have a clearly defined vision, you stay focused and more aligned with your goals. Whether you are a solopreneur building a foundation or a seasoned business owner with a team, you’ll learn how to craft and share a clear vision for your business.
  • Crafting a Simple Business Plan To Reach Your Goals. Most entrepreneurs start their business by “winging it”...but hustling will only take you so far. Without a plan, your business can start to feel more like a burden and less like an exciting journey. With a solid business plan, you’ll have a “roadmap” guiding you along your journey to success.
  • How To Get Your Spouse To Support You In Business. An entrepreneur’s path can feel lonely–especially if you don’t feel supported. Learn how to get your spouse to support you in business and create something you both love.
  • “Should” Stopping Strategies to Help You to Stop Procrastinating. Do you often wonder why you find yourself procrastinating, saying things like, “I should, woulda, coulda”? In this class, I share five Should Stopping Strategies to help you eliminate the negative self-talk, confidently reclaim your business, and feel amazing because you are choosing the things that matter most.
  • Are You Just Busy Or Building A Business? Do you find your never-ending “to-do” list gets in the way of making money for your business? Being a “busy bee” does not mean that you’re bringing in the “honey”. Many entrepreneurs are in a vicious cycle of busyness, never finding time to do the things that actually impact their bottom line. In this Masterclass, you’ll discover how to eliminate overwhelm, clear the clutter, and get hyper-focused on what matters most in your business.
  • Productivity Hacks For The Busy Entrepreneur. Can I tell you a secret? Appearing busy does not mean you are productive. Running a thriving business doesn’t mean you have to stuff your calendar with a never-ending list of things to do. It’s about your mindset and doing what’s right for your organization.
  • 3 Key Elements of Effective Goal Setting (And Achieving). Trying to build a business without goals is equivalent to taking a road trip across the country without a map. Effective goal setting is ESSENTIAL to you staying focused and on track to building the business of your dreams. Learn how to set goals that are more manageable, achievable, and worthy of celebrating.

Can't make the Masterclass Live? No problem! You can access the recordings inside the Members Only area and watch them when you have time.

I'll Meet You Where Your At In Your Entrepreneurial Journey...

Whether you are a solopreneur laying the foundation to your business, or a seasoned business owner with a team and years of experience, I’ll meet you where you are in your business-building journey and provide you with the support, guidance, training, tools, and resources you need every step of the way.

You Have Two Options...


Try and figure everything out on your own. Spend YEARS learning from the school of hard knocks. Continuously fight off overwhelm and fatigue. Ultimately ending up costing you more time and money - to hopefully (one day) business a successful business that you've dreamed of.


Become a Hive Society Member and gain access to a proven path to success. Short-cut the learning curve. Get the expert guidance you need and want. Plug into a community of like-minded businesses owners who can give you the love and support you need to stay focused and on track to achieving your goals!

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